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Momentum – the impetus and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events.

In business nothing happens over night, even when you hear the term “over night success” there has been a labor of love, dedication, frustration, trials and errors behind the scenes. The variable you do not see throughout the process is momentum. No matter what obstacles you encounter in starting your own business you have to keep going.

To avoid losing momentum you should plan your goals in small steps. Make them realistic and tangible. It’s so easy for insecurities to creep up on us and distract us, keep your vision in mind and you will not have time to deviate from your goals. Having a process in place to balance work and life is equally important to keeping up your momentum. Putting all your energy into building your business seems inevitable however it can burn you out quickly. Remember to reward yourself after reaching small and major milestones, this will help rejuvenate your spirit and keep the momentum going.

To keep up my momentum I try to write down all my ideas, read books on self improvement, inspirational quotes, and continuously invest in myself to stay inspired and motivated. All of these activities add to building and keeping momentum.

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