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Whats In A Name?

Have you ever met an individual, and when they introduce themselves you do a silent *wow* in your head because their name is so powerful? Is it just me? Okay. Well I have met several individuals with strong names that command attention. This reaction is exactly what we want in business when we choose our company names.

Your company name is the first impression to your brand. What do you want it to say about you? Is it catchy? Will people remember your business an hour after introductions? Large companies put lots of money into market research, sending out surveys with probing emotional questions. For example:

Would you buy this product? How does the name make you feel? Are you more likely to give this product a try compared to your regular brand or less likely?

Market research is great however as a start-up we may want to put funds into other areas. The best resource we have is friends and family. Use your resources to provide open and honest communication on your prospective business name. Ask them to really tune in to their emotions as a consumer. With this approach you are sure to garner some great feedback!

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